V1 Aeronautics Certifies ERM Pilot Passes sUAS Airman Knowledge Test

ERM President Lon Santis attended training this weekend and passed the FAA’s small unmmaned aircraft system (sUAS) Airman Knowledge Test.  The training was provided and the test administered by V1 Aeronautics in Hagerstown, MD.  All sUAS pilots must pass the knowledge test and be certified by FAA to operate sUA commercially.

Bryan Adamez, owner of V1, has put together a great program that is highly recommended by ERM for anyone seeking their FAA sUAS certification, especially those not familiar with FAA regulations and airspace.  Bryan and his team break things down into easily understood and applicable components.  The test questions were challenging, but with knowedge gained in the training provided by V1, passing the test was easy.

ERM Provides Crucial Topographic Data for Developer

ERM recently performed a series of topographic surveys for a local developer using the DJI P3 and Pix4D photogrammetry software.  The developer needed to track the progress of subcontractors over a four-week period and ERM provided weekly site surveys in the form of .dfx files to do just that.  Eight ground control points allowed for survey-grade accuracy.

AMA Study of FAA Drone Data

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) recently released a detailed analysis of the FAA’s drone data. A close examination of the 764 records, which the agency publicly released on August 21, reveals a more complex picture of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) activity in the United States than initial headlines suggested. There are military crashes and a UFO sighting in the data. Only a about a dozen of the records were legitimately reported “near misses.” Some didn’t involve drones at all.

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Not Just Pretty Pictures

Although many companies are flying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in support of their commercial operations, ERM has encountered few that are harnessing the power of the data that is available.  There is virtually no risk of FAA sanctions from flying UAS commercially without a Section 333 exemption, but it is quite another thing to extract meaningful data from the images obtained.

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ERM Partners with WipWare and Bluegrass Materials to Explore Applications of UAS to Fragmentation Analysis

ERM and WipWare, with the cooperation of Bluegrass Materials Company, plan to conduct fragmentation analysis of a muck pile this summer using images obtained with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).  Obtaining suitable images of muck piles for fragmentation analysis can be very challenging because the proper camera perspective is difficult or even impossible to obtain.   Continue reading