FAA Takes Enforcement Action Against Commercial UAS Operators Without Exemptions

UAS Magazine reports that FAA has taken enforcement action against two companies operating UAS for commercial purposes.  In one case, WCSH6 reported on a photographer that advertised on their website that they offered UAS photography services.  In the other case, Bay News 9 reported on a U-Tube entrepreneur that posted videos taken with their Phantom 2 Vision+.  The website takes money from advertisers. Continue reading

ERM Reaches Agreement with First Pilot to Operate UAS

Explosives Risk Managers LLC (ERM) reached agreement with its first contract pilot today to operate UAS under ERM’s anticipated Section 333 exemption.  ERM is in negotiations with other pilots to provide services in their region.

Please contact ERM if you are interested in piloting for, or using UAS services from ERM.  ERM anticipates having authority from FAA to operate UAS commercially in 2-4 months.

The Amazing Capabilities of UAS and Photogrammetry Software

Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and photogrammetry software have matured together at just about the right time.  This makes for possibilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago.

ERM used demo software downloaded from the Internet and images taken by a hobbyist with a Phantom 2 Vision+ UAS to create this photogrammetry video in only a few hours, learning curve included.  Yeah, those are school buses.  Imagine the possibilities.

Caution: Do Not Follow FAA Instructions on Obtaining COA

Explosives Risk Managers confirmed today that the the information posted by FAA on obtaining a civil certification of waiver authorization (COA) under Section 333 is incorrect.  FAA replied to our inquiry via email…

We are in the process of updating our website. For civil COAs you need an exemption first before you can apply. Once you receive your exemption # you will then be able to submit a Civil COA.

FAA will probably fix the website soon.  We just hope it takes less than 60 days to get a response from FAA on a request for a COA.


FAA COA Process for UAS Proves to be Elusive for ERM

Explosives Risk Managers LLC (ERM) submitted its first Certificate of Waiver Authorization (COA) for civilian operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today.  COA approval from the FAA is necessary to operate UAS commercially under a Section 333 exemption from FAA rules.  Currently, it is impossible to strictly comply with FAA rules while operating UAS commercially.
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ERM Anticipates FAA Exemption under Section 333 to Operate UAS Commercially

Explosives Risk Managers LLC applied for exemption to various FAA rules under Section 333  to operate unmmaned aircraft systems (UAS) commercially in support of blasting activity in mines and on construction sites.  The FAA accepted ERM’s petition and published it under docket FAA-2015-0217-0001 on January 29, 2015.  ERM was the first company involved in the commercial explosives industry to apply for exemption.

The terms proposed by ERM mirror those of applicants who have received exemptions from FAA under Section 333.  In addition, ERM proposed conducting a quantitative risk analyses of missions if explosives are present.  Based on the current rate of FAA exemption request processing, approval is expected in 3-5 months. Continue reading