ERM Anticipates FAA Exemption under Section 333 to Operate UAS Commercially

Explosives Risk Managers LLC applied for exemption to various FAA rules under Section 333  to operate unmmaned aircraft systems (UAS) commercially in support of blasting activity in mines and on construction sites.  The FAA accepted ERM’s petition and published it under docket FAA-2015-0217-0001 on January 29, 2015.  ERM was the first company involved in the commercial explosives industry to apply for exemption.

The terms proposed by ERM mirror those of applicants who have received exemptions from FAA under Section 333.  In addition, ERM proposed conducting a quantitative risk analyses of missions if explosives are present.  Based on the current rate of FAA exemption request processing, approval is expected in 3-5 months.

ERM’s application specifies the use of the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus UAS.  Recreational use of this UAS indicates it can provide outstanding still and video images.  The first-person-view appears capable of providing blasters-in-charge a much better view of the blast area before the shot and of the blast site after the shot.  ERM plans to add UAS with greater capabilities to our exemption, such as FLIR, as other exemption holders have done.

Here is a recreational video taken with our Phantom.

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