Honing-In on FAA Registration of UAS

As part of the Section 333 exemption process, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) used for commercial purposes must be registered with FAA before conducting operations or obtaining a COA.  FAA’s information available on the Internet does not provide everything one needs to know when applying for a UAS registration.

But thanks to the very helpful people staffing the FAA registration center in Oklahoma City, OK, ERM is close to obtaining FAA registration of its first UAS.  Through two phone calls, ERM learned to include key attachments to the application and how to correct two minor typos commonly made on the application.  The typos were so minor, FAA tentatively assigned a registration number, N541ES to our UAS.

Both UAS operators and FAA are feeling their way through the Section 333 process.  But unlike the frustrating COA moving target, the FAA staff live up to the name of their city, OK City, and can help make the registration process more like completing a puzzle than a gauntlet.

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