Filming a Blast with UAS

Quarry blast still frame from Inspire 1 videoRecently, ERM obtained a video taken by a hobbyist of a blast in a quarry.  The video was taken from the most advantageous perspective and provided valuable feedback to the blast crew.

FAA Issues Another NPRM on Implementation of Small UAS into the National Airspace

The FAA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) today on various elements of implementing unmanned aircraft (UAS) systems into the National Airspace (NAS).  In contrast to an earlier NPRM, this one deals with registration of aircraft, airworthiness certificates and other issues not addressed previously.  Kudos to FAA for taking more action to implement commercial use of use in the NAS.

FAA Grants 30 Section 333 Exemptions in One Day

exemption-paceIn recent days, the FAA has issued Section 333 exemption requests in a batch of about 30.  As expected, the FAA is processing Section 333 exemption applications at an accelerated rate as the agency begins to standardize the process.

At this pace, Explosives Risk Managers LLC expects to have its exemption by June, maybe even May.  ERM is approximately 170 in line.  Please contact ERM if you are interested in compliant UAS services.

ERM Registers First UAS with FAA

Explosives Risk Managers LLC (ERM) has successfully completed FAA registration of its first unmanned aircraft system (UAS), a Phantom 2 Vision+.   FAA requires aircraft to be registered as a condition of the Section 333 exemption process.

The registration process has proven to be quite challenging because FAA’s forms are not designed with UAS in mind and frankly, FAA legal document examiners seem to make sport of rejecting applications.  No wonder its so hard to steal and aircraft and cover your tracks.

Highwall Geologic Discontinuity Inspection with UAS

Snapshot from video of geologic discontinuity.  Notice the vertical discontinuity behind the brown area.

Snapshot from video of horizontal geologic discontinuity. Notice the vertical discontinuity behind the brown area.

Explosives Risk Managers LLC (ERM) obtained a video taken recently in a quarry by an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) hobbyist.  The video is a close-up view of a geologic discontinuity in the pit wall that has shown instability in the past.   Continue reading