Projects Completed

ERM LLC provides a wide variety of risk management services to clients.  Following are examples of projects ERM has completed for clients since 2013. UAS Services

  • Obtained 1,000’s of aerial images and generated up to 90 million 3-D point cloud models with one inch geospatial accuracy.
  • Provided a topographical survey for water drainage direction on 50 acres for under $400.
  • Filmed a production blast and quality control test shots.
  • Generated highly accurate 3-D point cloud models of 5 areas in an explosives manufacturing plant.
  • Obtained high definition video and still images of highwalls in two quarries.
  • Measured the volume of dozens of stockpiles.
  • Checked the accuracy of drillers’ location of boreholes and modeled the bench.
  • Created a 33 million point cloud model of LOUYAA Park and Jeffy’s Field.  See the products in this Dropbox folder.
  • Created accurate 3D model of the historical Boyd’s Presbyterian Church.
  • Provided weekly topographical surveys to site developer.
  • Created 3D print model of spacious home.
  • Supported professional video production.

Comprehensive Safety, Security and Compliance Audits

  • One ammonium nitrate manufacturer,
  • Three bulk and packaged ammonium nitrate emulsion (ANE) manufacturers,
  • Three melt/cast/pour manufacturers,
  • Two detonating cord manufacturers,
  • Three shaped charge manufacturers, and
  • Two pressed pellet manufacturers.

DOT Explosive Approvals

  • Assisted clients with obtaining EX numbers from PHMSA for conical shaped charges, Division 1.5 bulk ANE, Division 5.1 Oxidizer, NOS, and Division 1.1 Article, Explosive, NOS.

Quantitative Risk Analyses

  • Conducted seven QRA’s for clients on a variety of explosives activities using the QRA software IMESAFR V2.0.

 Drilling and Blasting Safety Plan Development

  • Developed a basic Drilling and Blasting Safety Plan for a small start-up D&B contractor.


  • Conducted DOT Hazmat employee training.
  • Participated in global explosives company management training.
  • Participated in training USDA Wildlife Services’ blasters.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Assisted client obtain “Satisfactory” motor carrier safety rating from FMCSA.
  • Assisted client prepare for shipping Class 1 into Canada.
  • Assisted client with use of used motor oil in an explosive in a surface coal mine.
  • Assisted clients with compliance with USCG restrictions on transporting Class 1 over water.
  • Provided a wide variety of minor compliance support to many clients.

Technical Writing

  • Provided a wide variety of technical writing support to many clients.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Provided expert witness testimony for a client in a case before an MSHA Administrative Law Judge.
  • Provided expert witness testimony on two explosives manufacturing accident cases.

Construction Safety

  • Member of the ANSI A10 Committee on construction safety for nearly the last 17 years.